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Thank you so much for coming to my show last week, I did not have a special valentines day but my show and your support filled the whole week, and of course it is still in my heart now. I am always lucky yo receive your support. My reason to sing!!

Today I want to talk about how it is changed by the process for Ridy's performance. I started my live show in the acoustic way, it was back to 2011. I was holding my acoustic guitar that I got from my uncle and playing the piano sometime. During the acoustic challenge, I was kind of feeling "Something is missing" but unfortunately there was no other ways to perform at the time, I was so much younger and harder as think of "What I want, Who am I" and I did my best for what the things which surround me have for me. So this process was worth the best for reaching out to me saying, “THIS IS MEEEEE”.

Something is missing... not the melody, not the lyrics, not the song,,,, SOUNDS!! Since I started writing my songs by myself, it was only piano and my voice, pretty simple and I guess this is the normal song writing session. Then I realized, I have been missing the sounds that are always in my head, they were always singing to me but I couldn’t hear them because I was looking at the words and melody of what people want to have. GOSH.

It is so easy to effected by others, and it is sometime hard to get it back to my world, I finally found the “Changing answer” from my world and start making music for expressing who I am. It never stops changing that’s why I name it “Changing Answer”. Now my live show is full of my logic sound that I made by myself, I personally love thinking back vocals and there are on my show of course haha!! I play with synthesizer and sometime electric guitar!! This year is going to be super duper busy but I keep writing, I keep practicing, and trying myself everyday. Plus, SLEEP A LOT!

Thank you for reading my blog, see you again!



今日は、私のライブスタイルの変貌を話したくってブログ書いたんだ〜 2011年の時点ではおじさんにもらったギターやピアノでライブをしてたよ アコースティックライブだったの 何かがもっと欲しいなぁって思いながらやってたなって今になって感じる 自分が欲しいもの、自分が誰であるかみたいに考えるには17、18歳だとその時の自分にとっては難しかったりして、その時自分にあったものでベストを尽くしてたんだ その期間は今の自分を見るける大事な価値のある過程だと思ってる

何かがもっと聞こえたいと思ってたころ、歌詞とかメロディーじゃなくって、何だろうって思った時に、音だって思ったの笑 曲作りを始めた頃はピアノと歌だけみたいなところがあったから 頭に聞こえてた音を見落としてたなって感じて 歌詞がとかメロディがっていう周りのことにすごく影響されたなって思って 自分の世界に聞こえてるものに結果的に自分が帰った瞬間に、これが私って感じれるようになったんだ。 答えってないっていうけど 私は自分の世界にある『常に変わる答え=CHANGING ANSWER』 って名付けてる 常に変わるから自分の答えを見つめてたいし それが根源となって音楽ができる

今は頭に聞こえる音を ロジックで作って、PCから流しながら シンセやエレキギターを使ってライブをしてるよ 寝ることも大事だからいっぱい寝るんだけど たくさん練習して、勉強してチャレンジするね! 読んでくれてありがとう

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